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Rowan & Blewitt Says Farewell

After 23 years in business and meeting great people and serving great clients, we have decided it is time to make a change. After an incredible journey, we will officially end the Rowan & Blewitt era July 31.

Thanks to an exceptional team of talent and character, we appreciate the reputation for providing quality problem-solving service to major global corporations and mid-size companies and organizations as well. We enjoyed every minute of it and will bask in the memories that many of you created for us.

We are great believers in life having different seasons and we had a great run in our consulting niche. We hear from clients that we have a good brand and are still sought in the marketplace, thus we deeply appreciate their understanding of our decision. We never planned for this business to be generational. In fact, we always admired those who could leave a career while still considered to be at the top of his or her game. We have been most fortunate to have had your support. Now we are able to move on to new endeavors -- and for that we are eternally grateful to all of you.

As we take our next steps, we will be putting into practice the same principles that helped us make Rowan & Blewitt a success. A good bit of that will be in the give-back arena, helping the less fortunate in our society, military families suffering loss and injury, and other educational and charitable causes. We know that much of what we learned in the past couple of decades will be applied to these other missions.

As our team began to look at the horizon in recent months, our partner and long-time head of our New York office, Hank Boerner has helped us make certain that all clients get excellent service as part of our transition until we conclude our business. Our plans for the future may take us down different paths, but we will always be available if we can help you in any way. You can reach us as follows: Ford at, Rich at and Hank at or 516-248-2383 ext. 19. 

We are pleased that you have been part of our world in the past and we hope we will continue to be in touch in the future.


Ford Rowan - Rich Blewitt


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